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Cancer Healer Center Case Study

This is an overview of the work that Intellemo delivered for Dr. Krishna's Cancer Healer
Center and the remarkable results that were achieved. Confidential Client data has been masked deliberately.








126% Lower CPL

Within a few months, we improved the account by drastically decreasing the overall Cost per Lead. This was achieved by creating and testing various buckets of keywords to know the ones that worked the best for different locations. Along with this, a check was also kept on the lead quality that we were getting through Google Ads to ensure that most of the leads that we received through Google were also finally converted later by the CHC team.

Cancer Healer Center Lower CPL Google Ads Graph

97% Decrease in CPC

Cost per click was lowered by 97% in the given months, as shared. Different types of communication were tested on relevant targeting through our ad copies to know which communication was more effective.

Cancer Healer Center Decrease in CPC Google Ads Graph

43% Lower CPL Than Google

Even though Facebook is a push medium as compared to Google which is a pull medium, we were able to achieve 43% lower cpl as compared to Google. This was done by understanding user psychology to target the precise audience through engaging creatives.

Cancer Healer Center Lower CPL Than Google Graph

The Challenge

Unlike others, Dr. Krishna's Cancer Healer Center heals cancer through a unique process called Immunotherapy. We had to make people aware of the same and its benefits through ads to ensure that they filled the lead form. With multiple policy restrictions for ads in the health industry, it had to be ensured that our ads didn’t violate any policy and continued to function smoothly.


An audience persona was created to understand the user base well along with competitor analysis. Lead quality analysis was done campaign and audience wise regularly so that we also focus on quality of leads along with quantity and cpl value. At places where CHC didn’t have centers, including remote areas, an online consultation campaign was started so that we didn’t miss out on any potential opportunities.

Regional Language Landing Pages

To strike a better relevancy with the user who visited our landing pages, we started showing the information in the regional language. This was done in all the major cities where we were doing marketing to improve the conversion rate.

Cancer Healer Center Regional Language Landing Pages

Higher Intentful Queries

To ensure that the queries we were getting from push mediums such as Youtube and Discovery campaigns on Google which were generating bad quality leads (not related to cancer patients), we tested variation of page with more form fields to catch high intent users. This helped us in eliminating non-cancer query leads and further improved intent of cancer queries.

Cancer Healer Center Landing Pages

Final Word

Overall, our efforts and strategy through all these months can be seen very well with the performance of the account. We continue to strive for better performance through implementation of new strategies and innovative ideas. Further optimisation of accounts is still being done and we’ll keep you updated on future achievements.