Target Better With Google Dynamic Remarketing

Why Your Business Needs Dynamic Remarketing?

Dynamic remarketing is exactly what you need to show visitors ads of products they viewed on your website. With specific messages targeting these audiences, you can complete the circle of sales by bringing visitors back to your site for purchase.

Target Cart Abandoners
Target Cart Abandoners

Show people the products they viewed to ensure they visit again.

Increased Relevancy
Increased Relevancy

Products in which a user showed interest before are displayed as ads.

Intellemo Personalised Message
Personalised Message

Write specific messages targeting particular segment of audience, say, visitors, cart abandoners, etc.

Intellemo increase graph
High-performance layouts

Get best layout as per the person, placement, and platform where the ad will show.

Features Of Our Service

We can help to compile a data feed of all the dynamic information (such as reviews, ratings, prices, description, etc). Once the ads are live, we’ll gain insights from the data to know which products are performing the best. This will further be converted into strategy for future campaigns.

Dynamic Remarketing ads

Decide Your Own Budget

You can decide on your advertising budget and we’ll keep a cap on the ad campaigns to ensure that we spend no more than the amount that you had decided.

Data Analysis and Reporting