Pricing Plans
How many active ads do you want to launch per month?
3,969 per month

Ad Formats: Image Banner, Carousel & Search

Upto 10 ad campaigns published and actively optimised per month

1 ad account integration

(Launch on Meta)

Launch post without watermark

Live Chat and Email Support

1 Brand Supported

Upto 3 team users

Cloud storage upto 30 GB

AI Ad Optimisation

Leads Notification on Whatsapp

    11,988 per month

    Everything in Accelerate

    Ad Formats: Image Banner, Carousel, Search & Video

    Upto 10 ad campaigns published and actively optimised per month

    Upto 1 active landing page

    2 ad accounts integration

    (Launch on Meta and Google)

    Chat, Email, Phone Call and Video Call Support

    5 Brands Supported

    Upto 10 team users

    Cloud storage upto 100 GB

    Manage upto 15,000 visitors/month on landing pages

    AI generated Audiences

    YouTube Ads (Coming Soon)

      36,369 per month

      Everything in Scale

      Upto 10 ad campaigns published and actively optimised per month

      Brand Guidelines Creatives

      2 ad accounts integration

      (Launch on Meta and Google)

      Stock Videos

      Upto 1 Custom Landing Page Per Month

      Dedicated Account Manager

      Marketing Launch Support

      Upto 20 team users

      Valid Upto ₹3.6 Lakhs AdSpend or 10% of AdSpend whichever is higher

        Launching Growth, Limitless Savings
        1 Ad CampaignLaunch post with watermark1 Brand Supported
        Brands that Trust us

        Some Frequently Asked Questions:

        For example, if you have published 5 ads in a current month and 3 out of them have been paused, still they’ll be counted as active in current month. If you had published 5 ads in previous months, but are currently active, they’ll also count as active in current month. So, total count of active ad campaigns will become 10.
        Every download/export (without watermark) irrespective of campaign being published or not, will also count as active in current month.
        If an ad design is duplicated and some aspects are changed, they’ll count as 2 active ad campaigns.
        So, typically you need as many ad campaigns as you would publish or optimise in the current month.
        Once you hit the limit, you can upgrade to the next plan with higher limits.

        Intellemo offers three different plans: Launch, Accelerate, and Scale to its user. Each plan has its own special configuration and the user can make a choice according to his or her requirement.

        In Intellemo, there is no ad spend limit in our paid plans. However, in our free plan, called the "Launch plan," users are required to upgrade their plan once they reach a limit of $150 in ad spend.

        Yes, Intellemo provides the flexibility for users to switch between plans during their subscription period. This means that if you are subscribed to a paid plan, such as Accelerate, you have the option to switch to another paid plan, such as upgrading from Accelerate to Scale or downgrading from Scale to Accelerate.

        Some of the benefits of using Intellemo platform include access to a range of templates for different types of ads, the ability to launch organic posts, automatic ad optimization, custom audiences, media storage for posts, in-built CRM for managing contacts, access to strategic dashboard features, and more. The higher-tier plans also offer additional features such as weekly marketing strategy calls, high-priority chat help, and a dedicated account manager.

        Yes, Intellemo supports both Meta (formerly Facebook) and Google ads. Scale plans allow you to launch ads on both platforms.

        Yes, Intellemo offers tutorials, documentation, or customer support to assist users in using their platform effectively. It's recommended to explore Intellemo's website or contact their support team for information on available resources.

        Yes, Intellemo provides daily reports through whatsapp notification. Within the platform there are weekly reports and ad account reporting available for multiple platforms.
        Additionally, the Scale plan includes access to all strategic dashboard features for in-depth analysis and insights.

        Launch Plan: In the Launch plan, Intellemo provides chat support. Customers can reach out to the support team through the chat feature to get assistance with their queries or issues.

        Accelerate Plan: In the Accelerate plan, Intellemo provides chat and email support. Customers can reach out to the support team through the chat feature to get assistance with their queries or issues.

        Scale Plan: In the Scale plan, Intellemo offers Dedicated Customer Support for Campaign Launch. This level of support goes beyond regular customer assistance and is specifically tailored to help customers launch their campaigns successfully. It includes comprehensive support throughout the campaign launch process, with expert guidance, strategic advice, and priority assistance to ensure a smooth and effective campaign launch.

        According to the table, Intellemo is planning to introduce YouTube Ads and E-commerce Product Catalog Ads.