Refund Policy

We maintain full transparency about the platform, its features and pricing and strive for customer satisfaction.

We advise each customer to go through the documentation on pages or FAQ sections and get the best understanding of the dashboard.

However, in case you wish to discontinue services by Intellemo, you can always ask for a 100% refund of your unspent wallet balance

How to get a refund?

✅ Whenever you wish to exercise the refund option, you must send request to us over email, chat or even Whatsapp.

✅ The amount will be refunded from Intellemo’s wallet to the client’s bank account as per original payment method only.

We don't ask any questions, and respect your decision, but your honest feedback can help us to improve.

What can be refunded?

✅ Remaining unspent balance in the Wallet, that you don't wish to use, after deducting any further charges not deducted while making the request.

✅ Any wrong or duplicate deductions due to systemic, technical or manual error.

✅ If you faced some technical error while purchasing a post creative that left it unusable on a marketing platform.

You can raise these any time and we would be happy to refund the amount to your wallet and from wallet to your last original payment method.

What cannot be refunded?

❌ Marketing Spend: The amount which has already been spent on running ads for your brand cannot be refunded.

Any marketing spend gets instantly paid to the selected social media platform on your marketing campaign and it is non-refundable even if it didn't get you expected results.

We only provide estimates and no marketing platform including us, can guarantee any results due to various factors like brand trust, product pricing, people's preferences, etc. So, any marketing spend already spent, can not be refunded.