UrbanClap Case Study

This is an overview of the work that Intellemo delivered for UrbanClap and the remarkable
results that were achieved. Confidential Client data has been masked deliberately.








266% Higher CTR

We increased the CTR of Search Ads by 266% while lowering the average position (mathematically increasing as represented in the graphs). It was highly challenging as normally CTR decreases when average position falls. This was done by using thematic structure with multiple relevant ad copies.

110% Better Conversion Rate

Despite the fall in average position, we increased the conversion rates by 110%. This was done by relevant query targeting & automated bidding. Also, dynamic landing page creation by Urbanclap Tech and Team helped a lot.

70% Higher ROI

Within a few months, we improved the account by drastically decreasing the cost and improving the conversion value. Many useful business decisions of UrbanClap team also helped to improve this. Overall, together we achieved almost 70% jump in the ROI for the overall account including all Search campaigns of all business verticals.

The Challenge

Urbanclap is a mobile marketplace for local services. It helps its customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs. Hence, its business is a hyper local business and the management of it digital marketing campaigns is tedious. A lot of search queries are long tail search queries and play around local location criterion. We could see millions of search queries collected over a period of time on multiple cities and locations and dozens of categories/business verticals. It was like running a mini digital marketing agency within urbanclap itself due to varied nature of its businesses.


Strategic usage of algorithms for repetitive tasks where patterns can be built and implemented precisely. Using human creativity to understand consumer intention and psychology for engaging ad copies Building customised tools using AdWords Scripts with frugal front-end on Google sheets to minimise coding time.

Ad Copy Generator

Ad Copy Generator helps to test variations of Ad copies very quickly on multiple businesses in multiple accounts. The testing can be scheduled and results monitored promptly. See Ad Copy Generator in action. It generates 1800 ads/hr by pattern replacement of headlines & desciptions on multiple accounts.

Search Query Builder

Search Query builder helped to look at the search queries of the users for which are the ads were triggering from Broad Match or DSA. Then, based on the data they were qualified as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’. Finally, the script adds ‘Good’ ones as Exact match and removes ‘Bad’ ones and puts as Negative. See Query Builder in action. It adds relevant ‘interior designer’ queries while negating irrelevant ‘interior design’ queries.

Automated Reports

Any performance improvements can be achieved only when the levers that drive that performance are measured accurately and regularly. So, reporting automation becomes really important. We track all the metrices of Google AdWords and Google Analytics through API on Google Sheets. Also, the data is sent every morning on email so that if anything goes wrong/right we are able to take a prompt action.

Final Word

Overall, Urbanclap is like a dream account for any marketing company. It was a big learning experience and while we achieved whatever little bit for urbanclap, we gained tangible knowledge during the journey. The tools which we built for Urbanclap now power the core processes of Intellemo. These would certainly be useful for many other businesses in the future.

Abhiraj Bhal

Abhiraj, the Co-Founder of UrbanClap says that If you are a fast growing organisation that needs help with Online Marketing, then Intellemo will give you at least 10-20x return on any investment.